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Meridian Credit Union

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244 Durham St
P.O. Box 308
Walkerton, ON , ON N0G 2V0

Phone: 519-881-3321
Fax: 519-881-3797

Why Meridian

Experience the difference of neighbourhood banking

What you'll quickly discover is that our focus is on you and taking the time to get to know you and your needs. We build long-term relationships and partner with our Members by delivering superior, personalized service.

Why bank with us?

Meridian Members have access to knowledgeable and friendly experts who give sound financial advice on a full range of products and services that offer competitive rates.

Branch managers make decisions locally on loans, mortgages, lines of credit and sponsorships, not head office. We're passionate about what we can do for you and tailor your banking experience by providing you with the products and services you need for your personal, business and wealth banking.

How can I become a Meridian Member?

Anyone who lives or works in the Province of Ontario can become a Meridian Member. Although there is no fee to join a credit union, you are required to hold $1.00 in Membership Shares. This entitles you access to all the services of the credit union, and full rights as owner/shareholder. In the event you choose to leave us these Membership Shares will be refunded to you.

Meridian Credit Union

Company Contacts:

Trent Heipel, Branch Manager trent.heipel@meridiancu.ca

Amanda Friesen, Financial Advisor

Terri McCreary-Wallace, Financial Service Rep

Rosemary Devlin, Financial Service Rep

Terry Lawson, Member Services Representative

Lydia Thackeray, Member Services Representative

Casie Hahn, Member Services Representative

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